Seismometers, geophones and dataloggers

Innovative molecular-electronic sensors of linear and angular motion and measuring systems






Autonomous wireless data logger module NDAS-8224.

Autonomous wireless data logger NDAS-8226.

The renewed CME-6211 low noise broadband seismometer.




Theoretical part

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1. Principles of operation and history of the molecular- electronic sensors

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November 5-9, 2017

R-sensors took part in the
9th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society in Antalya, Turkey.

August, 2017

The "Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology" published an article by our colleagues "Low-frequency seismic node based on molecular-electronic transfer sensors for marine and transition zone exploration".

August, 2017

Presenting brand-new wireless data loggers NDAS from
R-sensors Group.

June 29, 2017

The R-sensors' project for developing broadband seismic and acoustic sensors for marine seismic exploration was approved and financed by the Fund for assistance of small industrial enterprises (FASIE).

February 28, 2017

R-sensors gets approval for the prospective project of developing of hydrophones and combined sensors for marine seismic exploration.

February, 2017

The "IEEE Sensors Journal" published an article by our colleagues "Design and Self-Noise of MET Closed-Loop Seismic Accelerometers".

December, 2016

The Journal of sensors published an article on applications of accelerometers in passive seismic. Molecular-electronic sensors are listed in comparison table.

October, 2016

Presenting two articles by our colleagues dedicated to the further MET sensors studies.

August, 2016

Tests of the wireless seismic station for land-sea transition zones were held in cooperation with IPE RAS at Azov Sea (South Russia).

July, 2016

Successful tests of the one-component strong motion rotational sensor METR-01LS were held.

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