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  Three-component broadband force-balanced seismometer CME-6XXX




The CME-6XXX series is comprised of three-component high precision broadband seismometers with force-balance feedback. The CME-6XXX seismometers feature stability of parameters, low self-noise, high endurance and reliability. The seismometers have established a splendid reputation of running under severe field conditions (temperature gradients, off-road transportation and exposure to rainfalls). Having the advantage of the force feedback circuit the user is able to carry out the calibration and the operability check by himself.


The CME-6XXX series consists of three models:

The CME-6011 - is a model specially designed for field geological surveys. This energy saving instrument is intended for work in field self-contained systems powered from 12 volt lead-acid accumulator. The seismometer has a standard (typical 26 mA consumption) and a low power (typical 10 mA consumption) version. The CME-6011 seismometers are extensively used in Baykal/CME digital seismic station.


The CME-6111 - is a universal model apt both for field and for permanent survey systems. The presence of four possible power supply circuitry option gives an opportunity of the sensor integration into virtually every seismic complex. The possible variants of power supply ranges are: unipolar 9 - 36 V; unipolar 5V; bipolar ±5V; bipolar ±12 V.


The CME-6211 - is a model specially designed for employing in permanent survey systems. This seismometer sensing elements are equipped with double-shielded isolation from unwanted external actions, which significantly lowered the sensitivity to atmospheric pressure variations and temperature changes. As a result of special construction design the lower cut-off frequency of the seismometer is lowered down to 120 sec (0.008 Hz)


  Compact three-component broadband low-noise seismometer CME-4XXX




The CME-4XXX series is comprised of three- and one-component compact seismometers. The seismometers combine easiness in operation, compact size, light weight and durability. The production of this series began in 2004 with the inception of R-sensors. The CME-4211 model (formerly marked as CME-4011) and its modifications remain the most demandable among our products. Light weight and low power consumption make these seismometers essential in the field survey especially when combined with often relocations. However noise performance of the CME-4311 model (formerly marked as CME-4111) allows using this device as part of stationary points of the seismic observation.

One channel modifications CME-4XXX-v(h) (vertical or horizontal) are also available.


The CME-4XXX series is presented by two models:

The CME-4311 is a compact low-noise broadband three-component seismometer, well suited for both permanent stations and field surveys. Along with standard power version, this device has low-power version featuring 8 mA only consumption.


The CME-4211 is a compact broadband three-component seismometer, apt for quick deployment of seismic sites, seismic monitoring of engineering structures, and for permanent installation at places with noise level exceeding the NLNM. Along with standard power version, this device is made in low-power version and 100Hz high frequency cut-off version.


  Seismometers for special operating environment CME-4XXX-XXXX




The special configuration of seismometers CME-4XXX-XXXX are modification of standard models CME-4XXX designed for work under special operating conditions. Their main feature is employment of specialized outer cases for specific applications. In particular these are water tight cases for borehole or underwater installation, hermetical cases for post holes and lightweight cases for further use in deep ocean instrumentation housings. Electrical and signal parameters are similar to those of standard devices.


The CME-4XXX-XXXX series consists of the following models:

The CME-4211-BH150 and CME-4311-BH150 are broadband low-noise three-component borehole seismometers. They have waterproof stainless steel case and can be installed in flooded boreholes at depth of 250m under. The external case is supplied with waterproof cable connector and lifting ring.


The CME-4211-BH15 is a lightweight version of borehole seismometer CME-4211-BH150. This model is equipped with water tight plastic case, waterproof cable connector and lifting ring. The model is apt for installation into dry post holes and digs at depth down to 10-15 metres.


The CME-4211-WP10 and CME-4311-WP10 are broadband low-noise three-component seismometers suitable for direct under water installation at depth of 10 metres. This model is equipped with water tight plastic case, waterproof cable connector and lifting ring. The weighty bottom of a case make the installation on a floor more defined.


The CME-4211-OBS and CME-4311-OBS are low power broadband three-component seismometers produced in lightweight non hermetic case and are designed for further integration into sea-bottom hermetic instrumentation spheres. The weight of a three-component seismometer CME-4211-OBS is 2.2 kg only.


  Short-period seismometer CME-3211




The CME-3XXX is a compact size low-cost short-period seismometer. Standard bandwidth of a CME-3XXX ranges from 1 to 50 Hz. The devices have high gain, wide (more than 120 dB) dynamic range and are available in uniaxial and triaxial configurations. They are suited for portable applications and permanent installations in locations with the background noise higher than the NLNM. The sensors are very rugged, do not require any maintenance or mass locking and centring.

One channel modifications CME-3XXX-v(h) (vertical or horizontal) are also available.


The CME-3XXX series is presented by two models:

The CME-3311 is a short-period low noise three-component seismometer. This model is well-adapted for seismic and geophysical research, seismic prospecting and vibration control.


The CME-3211 is a short-period three-component seismometer designed for field seismic surveys, working at stations with high ambient noise or for using at university research centres.


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