Rotational seismometer METR-11

The METR-13 and METR-11 models are quite similar to METR-01 and METR-03 but they are optimized for operation in the seismic exploration frequency range (1-150 Hz).

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Sensitivity axes 1
Sensitivity 50 V/ (rad/sec)
Clip level 0.1 rad/sec
Frequency range 1 - 50 Hz
Maximum output swing ±5 V, single-ended output
Temperature range -12°C - +55°C - standard range
-40°C - +55°C - extended range
Supply voltage 10.5-16 V DC, single-ended. Nominal value – 12 V
Power consumption 7,5mA – low-power version
Cold-start time ~15 min depending on low-frequency cut-off
Maximum installation tilt Any
Noise performance
Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 55 mm
Case Enduring plastic