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Seismic Instruments for Science and Engineering


We deliver our products across Russia and the Globe under terms and conditions agreed with the customer beforehand.
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R-sensors warrants each new product, manufactured by R-sensors, for 18 months from date of shipment, unless otherwise defined in contracts or other documents. Defects in material or workmanship found within that period will be replaced or repaired at our expenses. If the customer initiates the return of an instrument, it will pay transportation charges to the manufacturer for repair under warranty, R-sensors will pay transportation charges to return a repaired (or new) instrument back to the customer. If subsequent evaluation at R-sensors shows that the damage is due to misuse, then the customer must assume all charges.

Software not produced by R-sensors may carry its own warranty and the customer should sign any appropriate license agreements with that software manufacturer. R-sensors bears no responsibility for such third-party software.

It is expressly agreed by the customer when purchasing the goods that the liability of R-sensors, if any, shall be limited solely to the replacement and repair of the goods in accordance with the warranties specifically and expressly set in documents. R-sensors shall not be liable for misuse of the instruments or for other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damages incurred by the customer.

Warranty expiry

After the warranty expires, maintenance is charged on the price-list.


We offer customer support and repair services to ensure our customers receive every advantage on land and at sea.

Installation & Training

Support for installation, supervision and check-out of our products are available. Training for your specialists is available in R-sensors’ office in Dolgoprudny (Moscow region, Russia) or at your place. 

We recommend contracting for installation services along with ordering instruments.


Maintenance programs are available for our products. They include annual contracts to service seismometers for seismic networks and accelerometers for monitoring high-rise buildings and structures.

Recalibration and Repair

We know how to repair and modify many types of molecular-electronic (MET) instruments. 
The details repaired, works and calibrations after the warranty period are warranted for 180 days.

Free technical support

Call at +7 (498) 744 69 95 or email on – a guaranteed answer will come within 3 business days.