Broadband seismometer CME-4311-OBS

The CME-4211-OBS and CME-4311-OBS seismometers are specially adapted for ocean bottom applications and are versions of the CME-4211 and CME-4311 models correspondingly.

These models share main technical parameters with corresponding regular versions but have a specially designed compact lightweight case, a flat flexible signal cable and consume less power. Specially designed hardware allows the seismometers to be installed inside titanium or glass waterproof spheres usually used in ocean bottom installations.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Frequency range 0.016 Hz (60 sec) - 50 Hz
Sensitivity 2000 V/(m/sec)
Self noise at 1 Hz 2.8 nm/sec (5.6 µV)
Sensitivity axes Vertical, North, East
Supply voltage 12 V Nominal (10.5 - 16 V permissible)
Power consumption 8 mA
Temperature range -40...+55°C
Maximum installation tilt ±15°
Dimensions 162 x 115 mm (diameter x height)
Weight 3.1 kg
Case material Stainless steel, aluminum
Max. underwater depth determined by the external housing
Cross-axes sensitivity -60 dB
Cold-start time 15 - 30 min