Geophone MTSS-1003

A very compact-size 3-component velocimeter/active geophone MTSS-1003 features a high sensitivity, low power consumption and wide dynamic range. It can be applied in exploration geophysics, engineering seismology, structural health monitoring, alarm systems. 

The geophone is supplied with 3 installation legs.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Frequency range 1 Hz - 300 Hz
Sensitivity 250 V/(m/sec)
Clip level 30 mm/sec
Integral noise in passband 100 mn/sec
Dynamic range 110 dB
Sensitivity axes 3 orthogonal
Supply voltage 12 V Nominal (10.5-16 V permissible)
Power consumption 15 mA
Temperature range -40...+55°C
Maximum installation tilt ±15°
Dimensions 80 x 132 mm (diameter x height, including bottom and cable input)
Weight 0.8 kg
Case material Aluminum