Multifunction module NDAS-RT

NDAS-RT is a multipurpose programmable module designed for seismic monitoring and real-time seismic safety. 

It can operate as a node of the Seiscomp 3 networks. The module is specifically designed to expand the networking capabilities of digital seismic sensors produced by R-sensors. However, it can also be used as a standalone device. 

The basic features of NDAS-RT include support for CME-xxND and MTSS-xxND series digital seismometers and accelerometers, SeedLink protocol over Ethernet, 6 auxiliary ADC channels and two groups of relay contacts to control external devices.

Modifications are available with additional network interfaces including RS-485, CAN, Wi-Fi, GSM / 3G / LTE, Bluetooth, etc. 

An open platform running Linux allows widely adapting the NDAS-RT software to the specific tasks of filtering, processing and transmitting the seismic data.

NDAS-RT allows greatly expanding the capabilities of data loggers having COM- or USB-ports only. Special software modules can develop a complete seismic station with a SeedLink server and a web interface to configure the instrument remotely and to view the signals. This solution is ideal for users of Delta-Geon, Baykal-ASN and other data loggers.

Application notes on using NDAS-RT to construct real-time monitoring systems for a bridge as an example.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Availability to order
Dynamic range -
Supply voltage 12-24 V Nominal (9-36 V permissible)
Power consumption 1 - 1.4 W depending on load
Temperature range -40...+85°C - industrial SD-card
ADC sampling rate 0.1, 1.0, 4.0 Hz
Dimensions 225 x 160 x 55 mm
ADC resolution 12 bit
Reference generator stability -
Weight 1.8 kg
Case material Aluminum, waterproof
Number of channels Auxiliary ADC: 6 single-ended or 3 differential channels
Gain coefficients -
Data recording mode continuous, event onset
Data recording format miniSEED
Data storage internal SDXC cards of up to 256 GB, external USB drives
Data transfer SeedLink over Ethernet
Inbuilt sensors for device health monitoring temperature, humidity
Case connectors Russian type 2RMG (2РМГ-18Б7Ш) – power, RS-485/CAN, Russian type 2RMG (2РМГ-24Б19Ш) – auxiliary ADC channels and relay outputs, SMA-F – connection of GPS/Wi-Fi antenna (optional)
Delivery set USB type A/B standard cable, 8P8C connector for IP68 cable, power connector for cable, auxiliary ADC connector and relay outputs for cable
GNSS receiver optional
GNSS timing accuracy -
Auxiliary ADC 12 bit; 6 single-ended or 3 differential channels; input range ±10 V single ended; ±20 V differential channel
Additional network options Wi-Fi, GSM / 3G / LTE, Bluetooth, CAN, RS-485