Towed seismic cable MTAS-10-TSC

The towed seismic cable of a neutral buoyancy for marine high-resolution seismic exploration is made on the basis of molecular-electronic hydrophones.

Towed seismic cables based on hydrophones are used in the oil&gas industry for the seismic exploration of hydrocarbons as well as for risk assessment while constructing drilling platforms and infrastructure facilities in the sea such as bridges, underwater tunnels, ports, coastal power plants, oil&gas pipelines.

Research centers can use towed seismic cables to conduct research works.

The length of the cable is about 15 meters including 10 hydrophones inside with the distance between the hydrophones of 1.5±0.1 m.

The sensitivity of one hydrophone channel is 500 μV/Pa, the signal type is analog.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Availability to order
Frequency range 1 Hz - 500 Hz
Sensitivity 500 µV/Pa
Self-noise in the bandwidth not over 0.01 Pa for one hydrophone channel
Sensitivity axes 1
Supply voltage 12 V Nominal (10.5 - 16 V permissible)
Power consumption 170 mA
Temperature range -12...+55°C
Case connectors on request
Max. underwater depth not less than 10 m
Leveling, mass locking none required
Case material polyurethane (cable); silicone liquid PMS-5 (filling); stainless steel (hydrophone)
Dimensions cable: 15 m х 50 mm (diam); hydrophone: 105 х 45 mm (diam)
Weight 29.4 kg — no connector
Temperature stability 200 ppm/°C