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  • 2020: article on testing R-sensors
    2020: article on testing R-sensors' hydrophone
    Journal of Sensors published an article titled 'Frequency Response Stabilization and Comparative Studies of MET Hydrophone at Marine Seismic Exploration Systems'.

    The operation principle of the hydrophone is based on the molecular-electronic transfer that ensures a high sensitivity and a low self‐noise level. 

    The paper presents a stabilization method of the frequency response within the frequency range at a depth of up to 30 m. Laboratory and marine tests confirmed the stated characteristics as well as the possibility of using this sensor in marine seismic systems. An experimental sample of the hydrophone successfully passed comparative marine tests in the Black Sea with the technical support of Yuzhmorgeologiya, a Russian big research and production company. 

    One of the main results is the possibility to obtain high‐quality information at low frequencies that was reached in the course of tests.
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