Hydrophone MTAS-30

The MTAS-30 hydrophone is designed for marine seismic exploration, risk assessment for drilling platform installation in the sea and risk assessment for marine and coastal construction, water area security systems.

This model combines a small size and light weight with a high sensitivity of 800 µV/Pa. It stands out for a low self-noise of 0.01 Pa in the bandwidth.

The model is featured with a wide frequency range of 1-300 Hz.

It can be applied both independently and as part of ocean-bottom seismic stations and nodal systems for marine seismic exploration.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Availability to order
Frequency range 1 Hz - 250 Hz
Sensitivity 800 µV/Pa
Self-noise in the bandwidth 0.01 Pa
Sensitivity axes 1
Supply voltage 12 V Nominal (10.5 - 16 V permissible)
Power consumption 17 mA
Temperature range -12...+55°C
Case connectors on request
Max. underwater depth 30 m
Leveling, mass locking none required
Case material stainless steel
Dimensions 105 x 45 (diameter) mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Temperature stability 200 ppm/°C