Geophone MTSS-2003

The compact MTSS-2003 velocimeter combines a low-noise, light weight and high gain. The electrodynamic feedback results in a very flat response over a wide frequency range, high dynamic range and high time and temperature stability of the instrument's parameters. 

The wide dynamic range, high temperature stability and competitive price make it ideal and cost-effective for various applications such as earthquake measurements, structural health monitoring and others.

This model uses the same layout, sensing cells and electronic circuitry as those of MTSS-1043A. The output function of a device is formed by a feedback configuration. 

This velocimeter is available in a low-frequency version that is MTSS-2003WB with a bandwidth of 0.2 - 20 Hz.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Sensitivity axes 3 orthogonal
Sensitivity 250 V/ (m/sec), 50 V/(rad/sec) - linear, rotational
or by customer specification
Clip level 30 mm/sec
Frequency range 1 - 300 Hz
or by customer specification
Maximum output swing ±7.5 V, single-ended output
Temperature range -12°C - +55°C - standard range
-40°C - +55°C - extended range
Supply voltage 10.5-16 V DC, single-ended. Nominal value – 12 V
±9,5 - ±15 V DC bipolar
Power consumption 35 / ±20 mA (single-ended/bipolar)
Cold-start time ~15 min depending on low-frequency cut-off
Maximum installation tilt Any
Noise performance
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 120 х 120 х 60 mm
Case Aluminum