Our partners who help us succeed over a long time
Company R-sensors Company R-sensors
Seismic Instruments for Science and Engineering
  • Zetlab
    ZetlabZelenograd, Moscow
    A Russian manufacturer of measuring equipment, instruments for vibro-acoustic monitoring and analysis. Joint production of equipment.
  • Neftyanye Gorizonty
    Neftyanye GorizontySamara, Russia
    Neftyanye Gorizonty (Petrol Horizons) was established in 2006 in Samara. The company uses passive seismic methods for oil&gas field measurements and seismic exploration.
  • Gradient
    GradientKazan, Russia
    Gradient is a geophysical service company that does low-frequency passive seismic surveys for the petroleum industry. The company has a good expertise and experience in usage of R-sensors' seismic instruments.