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Seismic Instruments for Science and Engineering
  • Center for Molecular Electronics of MIPT
    Center for Molecular Electronics of MIPTDolgoprudny, Moscow region, Russia
    For over 10 years, the Center for Molecular Electronics of MIPT has been developing the instruments' base for motion parameters measurement based on the molecular-electronic transfer technology (MET technology). 

    The Center has been conducting research in the following areas: molecular electronics, electric chemistry, seismology, seismic, seismic exploration, geophysics, structural monitoring, inertial navigation.
  • The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth
    The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the EarthMoscow, Russia
    The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPE RAS) is one of the most prominent centers of global and national geophysics. Founded in 1928, the Institute conducts a wide range of fundamental and applied research. 

    The Institute plays a leading part in studying physical processes in the Earth’s interior, developing models of dynamics and an internal structure of the Earth, studying seismicity of the Earth and physics of seismic focuses, seismic zoning, developing the theory and information technologies of interpreting geophysical data.
  • Teknik Destek Grubu (TDG)
    Teknik Destek Grubu (TDG)Ankara, Turkey
    Teknik Destek Grubu is a Turkish manufacturer of earthquake & structural health monitoring systems.

    The company has the following brands: TestBox (data acquisition and test system brand), EasyTest (data acquisition and test system software brand), E-Quake (seismic recorder, accelerometer and strong motion solutions brand), SenseBox (sensors brand).
  • Geodevice
    GeodeviceSaint-Petersburg, Russia
    Geodevice is manufacturing different types of equipment & software for geophysical surveys.
  • Sodisstore
    SodisstoreMoscow, Russia
    Supplier and manufacturer of life safety equipment, structural health monitoring and security systems equipment.
  • SMIS Expert
    SMIS ExpertMoscow, Russia
    SMIS Expert is developing innovative solutions in engineering monitoring. With a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, the company is providing unique solutions in structural health monitoring as well as leakage detection system used for oil&gas pipelines monitoring.
  • Gradient
    GradientKazan, Russia
    Gradient is a geophysical service company that conducts low-frequency passive seismic surveys for the oil&gas industry. The company has a broad experience in using R-sensors' seismic instruments.
  • Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
    Arctic and Antarctic Research InstituteSaint-Petersburg, Russia
    Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) is a leader of the Russian polar science. 

    Established in 1920, AARI is now consists of 20 research departments and labs. It has 2 unique scientific forwarding vessels and annually conducts tens of expeditions in the Arctic which focus on research in the central part of the Arctic Ocean.
  • Neftyanye Gorizonty
    Neftyanye GorizontySamara, Russia
    Neftyanye Gorizonty (Petrol Horizons) was established in 2006 in Samara, Central Russia. The company uses passive seismic methods for oil&gas field measurements and seismic exploration.
  • Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering
    Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological EngineeringMoscow, Russia
    Experimental design bureau of Oceanological Engineering carries out unique researches and development of new technologies, unique systems, equipment and instruments for fundamental and applied researches of the Ocean.