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Seismic Instruments for Science and Engineering

About us

R-sensors is developing and manufacturing seismic instruments based on the molecular-electronic technology.

Graduates of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology established the company. R-sensors' seismic instruments reach the top models of electromechanical instruments in terms of the main parameters - frequency and dynamic ranges, self-noise levels.

Besides standard instruments, we are developing customized equipment. 
The terms to manufacture such equipment are longer than those for a standard one. The terms can be specified with our engineers.

We can help your specialists understand how to deal with R-sensors' equipment. To do it, we organize trainings - in our office in Dolgoprudny (Moscow region) or at an installation site.


The benefits are as follows:

- high sensitivity

- wide bandwidth (starting from 120 sec)

- low self-noise level

- high performance at the world's top-level

- rugged assembly

- low power consumption

- affordable prices



Our seismic instruments are operating in the Russian seismic networks - in central Russia and the Far East.

Seismic exploration based on our seismometers and geophones helps find oil & gas in Russia and Asia.

Seismic instruments including our seismic sensors allow studying seismic signals on ice and seabeds.

Our accelerometers help do 24-hour structural health monitoring for stadiums in Russia and high-rise buildings in Istanbul, Turkey.

Universities and research institutions in Russia and Europe (the Netherlands, Greece) are using our instruments for education and research.


Free consultations on r-sensors@mail.ru or at (498) 744 69 95.


- flexible payment conditions

- 18 months warranty

- delivery across Russia and worldwide