Digital seismometer CME-6111ND

CME-6111ND is a digital 3-component low-noise broadband seismometer with a force feedback. A bandwidth of up to 60 sec provides recording of the most remote seismic events. 

This seismometer combines the low-noise molecular-electronic sensing element (transducer) and the electrodynamic feedback that result in a very flat response over a wide frequency range, a high dynamic range and a greatly improved time and temperature stability of the parameters. 

This model is very rugged and does not require any special means or procedures for transportation and installation. The only procedure to start the operation is to place the seismometer on a rigid horizontal surface, turn the power on and wait for several minutes. 

This seismometer can be used in various applications such as seismic observatories, seismological surveys, seismic microzoning and passive broadband seismic exploration.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Frequency range 0.016 Hz (60 sec) - 50 Hz
Sensitivity 2000 V / (m/sec)
Clip level 7.5 mm/sec
Self noise at 1 Hz 1.4 nm/sec (2.8 µV)
Dynamic range 137 dB at 1 Hz
Sensitivity axes Vertical, North, East
Supply voltage 12 V Nominal (9-16 V permissible)
Power consumption < 1 W
Temperature range -40°C - +85°C - industrial SD-card
Maximum installation tilt ±15°
Case connectors 10-pin PC-10 multipurpose Amphenol Mil std connector, SMA-A for active/passive GPS/GLONASS antenna, SMA-A for Wi-Fi antenna, Amphenol Straight Panel Mount USB-B
ADC sampling rate 1, 10, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz
ADC resolution 24 bit
Dimensions 204 x 238 mm (diameter x height with handle)
ADC noise performance 22 bits noise-free resolution at 100 sps
Weight 7.8 kg
Gain coefficients 1, 2, 4, 8, 12
Case material Aluminum, stainless steel
Data recording mode Continuous, Schedule
Data recording format Internal binary, miniSeed, SEG converters provided
Data storage microSD 32 GB
Data transfer USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Inbuilt sensors for device health monitoring temperature, main supply voltage
Cross-axes sensitivity -50 dB
Cold-start time 5-15 min
Leveling, mass locking none required
Delivery set 1.5 m USB A-B cable, 3 m GPS antenna, Wi-Fi antenna, SMA A/B adapter, 32 GB microSD card installed, 0.6 m PC-10 USB cable, 1.5 m analogue cable
GNSS timing accuracy < 1µs