NDAS-8224SBS is a 24-bit subsea autonomous wireless seismic station. It contains a molecular-electronic hydrophone, a 3-component seismic sensor MTSS-2003 and a digital system NDAS. The station's battery life is up to 30 days.

The station has a high dynamic range, low self-noise and low power consumption. 

The system is designed for seismic exploration and research in transition zones and shallow waters at depths of up to 100 meters

The housing-free version – ADC module NDAS – is designed for integration into another system for underwater applications. 

The main advantage of this seismic station is its ability to operate in any orientation.

Wi-Fi connection allows controlling the station's operations before installing on the seabed or ocean bottom.

Click here for available downloads to operate NDAS-8224SBS (via FTP connection).