• Low Frequency Hydrophone for Marine Seismic Exploration Systems
    Egor Egorov, Anna Shabalina, Dmitry Zaytsev, Grigory Velichko // 5-th International Conference on Sensors and Electronics Instrumentation Advances (SEIA), 25-27 Sept. 2019, Canary Islands (Tenerife), Spain, 2019
    read (PDF 357 Kb)
  • About seismic observations on Sakhalin with the use of molecular-electronic seismic sensors of new type
    Kostylev D.V., Bogomolov L.M., Boginskaya N.V. // IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 324, 2019
    read (PDF 1.65 Mb)
  • Study of Transfer Characteristics of a Molecular Electronic Sensor for Borehole Surveys at High Temperatures and Pressures
    Ilya Evseev, Dmitry Zaitsev, Vadim Agafonov // Sensors, 2019
    read (PDF 4.3 Mb)
  • Reliability of FTA general vibration assessment model in prediction of subway induced ground borne vibrations
    Javad Sadeghi, M. Hassan Esmaeili, Masoud Akbari // Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 117, pp. 300-311, 2019
    Applications of R-sensors' instruments in Iranian cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz. Read and download the article (pdf).
  • Autonomous Geohydroacoustic Ice Buoy of New generation
    A.Sobisevich, D.Presnov, V.Agafonov, L.Sobisevich // Science and Technological Developments, vol. 97, #1, 2018
    read (PDF 832 Kb)
  • Safe distance of cultural and historical buildings from subway lines
    Javad Sadeghi, M. Hassan Esmaeili // Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 96, pp. 89-103, 2017
    Isfahan, Iran: comprehensive experimental and theoretical studies with the use of R-sensors' instruments. Read and download the article (pdf).
    read (PDF 3.43 Mb)
  • Electrochemical Seismometers of Linear and Angular Motion
    Vadim Agafonov, Alexander Neeshpapa, Anna Shabalina // Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering. Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, 2015
    read (PDF 746 Kb)
  • A Low-Noise DC Seismic Accelerometer Based on a Combination of MET/MEMS Sensors
    Neeshpapa A.V. et al. // Sensors 15, no. 1: 365-381, 2015
    read (PDF 5.69 Mb)
  • Molecular Electric Transducers as Motion Sensors: A Review
    Huang, Hai; Agafonov, Vadim; Yu, Hongyu // Sensors 13, no. 4: 4581-4597, 2013
    read (PDF 1024 Kb)
  • Seismic sensors for oil and gas complex based on the molecular-electronic transduction in the solid-state and liquid microsystems
    Bugaev A.S. et al. // Oil and Gas Engineering, 2012. Special issue, No 3: Results of 2012.
    read (PDF 4.49 Mb)
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