Accelerometer MTSS-1033A

The 3-component accelerometer MTSS-1033A is designed for strong motion measurements, structural health monitoring, seismic alarm systems and more.

It combines a very small size and high sensitivity over a wide frequency band. The electrodynamic feedback provides high accuracy of the accelerometer.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Sensitivity axes 3 orthogonal
Sensitivity 2.4 В/g
Clip level ±2g
Frequency range 0.1 - 120 Hz
or by customer specification
Maximum output swing ±7.5 V, single-ended output
Temperature range -12°C - +55°C - standard range
-40°C - +55°C - extended range
Supply voltage 9.5-16 V DC, single-ended. Nominal value – 12 V
±6 - ±15 V DC bipolar
Power consumption 30 / ±20 mA (single-ended/bipolar)
Cold-start time ~15 min depending on low-frequency cut-off
Maximum installation tilt Any
Noise performance 150 ng/√Hz at 10 Hz
Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 80 х 82 х 55 mm (g256c)
Case Plastic