Seismometer CME-4311

The compact broadband low-noise seismometer CME-4311 is well suited both for permanent and portable installations. 

This easy-to-install, very reliable instrument does not require any maintenance, mass locking and centering. The instrument offers the cost-effective solution for installations with the noise level close to a Low-Noise Model. 

1-component (vertical or horizontal) version of the CME-4311 model is available.

Characteristics Delivery and warranty

Sensitivity axes Vertical, North, East
Sensitivity 2000 V / (m/sec)
or by customer specification
Clip level 5 mm/sec
Frequency range 0.016 (60 sec) - 50 Hz
or by customer specification
Maximum output swing ±10 V, differential output
Output impedance 1000 Ohm
Temperature range -12°C - +55°C - standard range
-40°C - +55°C - extended range
Supply voltage 10.5-30 / 9.5-16 V DC (standard/low-power version), single-ended. Nominal value – 12 V
Power consumption 12 / 27mA – standard version (one-component/three-component)
6 / 7,5mA – low-power version (one-component/three-component)
Cold-start time 20-120 min.
Maximum installation tilt ±15°
Noise performance 2.8 nm/sec
Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 180 x 140 mm (dimensions including handle, diameter x height)
Case Aluminum